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Reduced Price Moose Hunt Hidden Alaska Michael Bowden 9-14 to 9-27-2015

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  • Reduced Price Moose Hunt Hidden Alaska Michael Bowden 9-14 to 9-27-2015

    I just reserved a moose hunt with Michael Bowden who operates and owns Hidden Alaska out of Anchorage. I am being picked up on 9-15-2015 to fly to his camp and staying till 9-26-2015. This is an unguided hunt which operates out of his lodge or spike camp your choice. Everything is included, flight in and out, full camp and lodge,(including sauna) all food,camp cook ATV's packing out animal. Full service. Mike Bowden is an established outfitter for 30 years, a former fish and game wildlife officer, certified to fly, has his own plane. ( check his website).He is the real deal. Michael Strahan was endorsing him for this hunt, advertising and promoting this opportunity. He normally gets $6,500. If I go alone my price is $4,500 if I kill a moose I agreed to another $1,000 to get it out.

    This is the real deal if you can afford it.

    If two of us go total cost is $4,000 each or $8,000 including all costs which includes packing out moose and getting it back to Anchorage. Mike would prefer two hunters come. This is remote area. Many record book moose taken here ( see his website for pics)

    Since this is extreme short notice and his booked hunter could not make it he has agreed to do it at this exceptional price.

    I am booking Wednesday Sept 2nd 2015 from NY to Alaska. I have two for one tickets on Alaska air if I hear from someone soon.

    Hope to hear from you.


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    Good luck! There should be some excellent home made bread and cinnamon rolls happening while you're there. A 64 1/2" bull was taken in the first hunt that green scored just inside book. there are some quality animals in the area!


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      I'm interested. Shoot me a PM.


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        Hidden Alaska

        Thanks. I finally got a reply. This camp feels like organized and professional camp. I just also received another reply and request for information.

        i am from New York region. How about you?


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          Hi Josh Let me know if you got my PM I sent last night.

          I am not big computer person, never sure if message went through.

          Feel free to call me on my cell at 908-347-3556.

          I copied Mike Bowden as well of your potential interest.

          You can call him as well and check his email. A 64 inch moose was already taken last day or so.

          I am hearing that that there are a lot of moose looking for us.


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            Hi Josh You had messaged me last year. went on moose hunt and had great time and successful hunt. Looking to do it again.


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