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  • Kanektok tent camps

    I posted this on the fly fishing forum also but thought I'd increase my chances for a response by having it here also.

    My brother, his wife and I are planning a trip for next season. Due to differences in fly casting experience with heavier rods, we have decided that the Kanektok would be a good choice due to its smaller size. We are hoping to target rainbows in prime condition and fresh silvers willing to take topwater presentations. With this in mind, we are looking at dates during the late season- towards the end of August. In order to maximize our fishing opportunities, we would prefer to avoid the daily camp break down and set up required during a float trip. Three operations with permanent tent camps have been identified- Reel Action (at 1 mile above tidewater), Alaska West (at 5.5 miles above tidewater) and Dave Duncan and Sons (1 camp at 18 miles above tidewater and 1 camp at 30 miles above tidewater). If anyone has experience/input regarding these camps, we would appreciate any information that might be shared.
    Additional facts that might affect our decision on a camp:
    Location- At that time in the season with the amount of eggs and flesh available, will the rainbows be spread out throughout the river or would a higher location (30 miles upriver) provide better opportunities for them. Would mousing still be an effective tactic for the rainbows or would it likely be a flesh fly, bead and streamer bite at that time? Conversely, would a location nearest tidewater provide better opportunities for taking silvers on wogs/topwater patterns or will the salmon still be topwater aggressive higher in the river? I would have the same question about the availability of char and grayling- which we would also like to target- regarding their expected location in the river at that time.
    Both Alaska West and Reel Action advertise that camp equipment (rods, reels, lines, terminal gear) is available for use at no charge and that flies are provided. While we have our own equipment, it would be reassuring that spares are available and that spey or switch rods would be available to try. This would seem to be a big plus.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I don't know anything about those outfits or that river, however I have found silvers to be most aggressive in freshwater once they've been up river for a while. The only silvers I've caught top water were quit a ways up river. I will say I have fairly limited experience with top water silvers but I've had a few opportunities.


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      Alaska West... top notch outfit, specializing in flyfishing with excellent instruction, often with a visiting flyfishing celebrity to give casting clinics.

      If you've got the dough to go, they can't be beat!
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        I personally would go with Dave Duncan and sons because they are a much more ethical outfit and will bring you much more success catching huge bows and silvers


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          Thank you all for your replies and suggestions- both through your posts and via PM's. Unfortunately, a portion of the information shared with me is contradictory so I would appreciate any additional input. Regardless of the camp that will be our destination, I am confident that the Kanektok River is an absolutely excellent fishery and will provide fine fishing and memories.


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            I'd take what the person with 1 post on this forum said with a grain of salt. Perhaps he only posted to drum up work for a business he has a personal interest in. There could be other reasons, but that is my outlook on it. It wouldn't be the first time such a thing happened.


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              Agreed. A first and only very cryptic response from someone who may have only registered to be disruptive is very suspect. Maybe the poster will clarify if he's legit but I'm not counting on it. Thanks to everyone else.


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                I lived there for 5 years and was very aquatinted with Dave Duncan and son. I personaly know Duncan and that his outfit is topknoch!


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