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How Can I View Photos in this Forum?

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  • How Can I View Photos in this Forum?

    I've had a few emails from members who had a hard time seeing some of the photos in this forum. That's because the images are thumbnails (that's the way they were posted), and you have to have posting ability to be able to click and enlarge them.

    How do you get posting ability in this forum? Glad you asked!

    This new forum is our first give-back to our paid subscribers. Many of you wanted a way to give something back to the site, and to show our gratitude, we're giving you some members-only perks. This forum is one of those.

    For those who are not in our Supporting Member group, all you need to join is to CLICK HERE and follow the instructions. It's really easy, and well worth the price of admission ($35 / year). And you'll have that great feeling of knowing that you are helping us to keep the site up and running.

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