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    This is why we rent the whole boat when we go. Pukers gonna puke. Too bad.
    Out once when half of us were at the rail chumming. I headed over to take my turn. Just when I get there a buddy who is puking next to my brother who is also puking says, "Weak stomach huh Charlie?" Brother responds, "Weak stomach my ass. I'm getting it out there further than you." I laughed so hard I forgot about puking. Went back to fishing.
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      Originally posted by Capt Nemo View Post
      Use to have it happen all the time, have had guys shoving money in my pocket to take him in and I say hey pale it's not me you have to pay off it's the rest of the clients.. The answer to that question from our operation is we will not run in unless it is a unanimous decision amongst the boat. Solution! And what has been working great so far is when booking , ask about the book the boat specials and privet trips and you may find there are deals to be had and then you will just have to deal with your wife screaming at you to take her back to town cause she is sick That being said our operation dose not fish or even try to fish rough weTher, you are fully refunded at dock or rolled to another day.
      Truth! But we got a lot of good entertainment watching my soon to be Ex puking her guts out all day.. If ya cant handle the water don't try to drink with the big dogs the night before!


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        Originally posted by avidflyer View Post
        Truth! But we got a lot of good entertainment watching my soon to be Ex puking her guts out all day.. If ya cant handle the water don't try to drink with the big dogs the night before!
        Had a bunch of guys I work with book with me last summer. Ran out not to far, big rollers left over from the day before. They did a lot of drinking the night before...James went down, then his dad, when he went, I was downwind, smelled like straight coffee, looked like all coffee too....Then a 3rd went down, James sat all day on the back with his head sitting on the gunnel like a puppy on the couch. He toughed it out, never wanted to go back, and we got fish, but man were 3 of the 4 hurting.
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          That dilemma is one of a long list of reasons I don't run a charter boat or guide. If there's a right answer, it's a moving target from one group to the next.

          We have one rule on our boat: No one gets seasick.

          If someone starts feeling poorly, we head for cover or head for home. If a house guest is going to get seasick no matter what measure I take in managing the boat, we get into the truck and drive to our fishing.

          But there's kind of a "rule" we enforce in making that happen. Our guests have to speak up. If seasickness is likely no matter what kind of water we're on, they have to tell me. If someone starts feeling a little woozy, "man up" and try to tough it out if you're stupid. Or speak up and I'll move the boat to more sheltered waters.

          Lots of that is on the shoulders of the person prone to seasickness. One of the many seasick drugs might be the answer, but I'm not going to pry open their mouth and force it down their throat. I'll help, but the rider has to help too.

          My wife is prone to seasickness when there's a swell, especially the wide greasy swells you run into on calm days in open water. That's a big reason we've gotten to know the tight quarters near shore so well. Because she's been honest and open about the woozies, we've had the chance to find ways to work around it. One great strategy is for her to take over the boat driving when she starts feeling poorly. Another is to NEVER bend over at the waist to put fish in the hold or rig baits and tackles. If her head gets below her waist, she's cooked. Kneeling is fine, but oh, that bending over. Staying amidship and near the centerline helps reduce motion, but only a little. Watching the horizon falls in the same category.

          I put the issue squarely on the shoulders of the rider. It's one thing for seasickness to surprise someone who rarely gets it, but I have zero sympathy for folks prone to it who don't take responsibility for beating it one way or another. Sure, I'll take them to sheltered waters or back to shore, but I'm not going to put up with their nonsense on a next trip, if there is one.
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