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    Is Charlie Green still the only guy to get you upriver by boat out of Galena? Are the pilots who can fly into other areas not in the CUA? I have been following this area for over a decade and trying to draw Koyukuk - but I am looking at easier areas to draw areas like Dulbi, Gisasa, Huslia etc.

    If anyone has any suggestions on other units to consider please let me know, PM preferred. I have hunted AK solo for moose, bou and black bear and I have done many backpack trips (solo) deep into some of the most remote rugged lower 48 country. I have a lot of experience, I am in great shape and I am willing to go the extra mile. I will have a partner.


    DonV OH

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    Charlie retired last year and to my knowledge is still retired. I understand someone else (maybe 2) have stepped up as transporters, but I don't know there names, nor can I provide any input on their rates or professionalism. You should be able to search "Koyukuk" in this forum and see some names. The Koyukuk controlled use area is closed to aircraft during moose season. The only planes you'll see are small commercial planes and state troopers flying around checking hunters out.

    the KCUA has reduced its total draw permits to 20 per season so it might take a bit longer to get drawn.

    Best of luck to all this hunting season, and most of all - be safe!


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      I can't speak for all of the easier draws that you're talking about putting in for but I have hunted the Dulbi (DM812 if my memory is correct), and can tell you that it is pretty difficult to access via boat. The year my partner and I drew, 2008, we could not find anyone to fly us in without paying for a completely outfitted trip, which we weren't going to do. We hired Charlie and he assisted us up as far as about 3 miles into the Dulbi, then had to leave us with the boat we rented (a 16' jon with a 40hp jet), because the water got too skinny and he couldn't go any further with his bigger boat. It was another 60 miles or so, in some very skinny water at times, to get into DM812 and start our hunt. When the regs say be aware, difficult to access, they aren't kidding.


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        Thanks guys I thought I had heard he retired - yes DM812 is Dulbi. How long did it take you to go the 60 miles? Where did you rent the 16' boat from?


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          Also note I said pilots/transporters for outside the CUA, like DM814/DM815 - Bear Creek.


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            Joe Schuster (spelling?) might would fly you in, although he would only take us in if we would pay him to outfit us also. He wanted $6k each, which wasn't going to happen. We rented the boat from Charlie. After an initial failed attempt to get us and all of our gear up to 812, we ended up leaving most of our gear and fuel, then running up with just the bare essentials. All we took for our first run upriver was a tent, rifle, sleeping bags and pads, and some emergency survival gear. We also took a 15 gallon drum of fuel, and stuffed our pockets with power bars. Even then we didn't know if we would be light enough to get up to where we needed to go. It took us about 4 1/2 to 5 hours to travel the 60 miles or so. Then we hung out for 4 days and hunted. I think we spent about two weeks on that hunt and by the time it was all said and done, we travel back-and-forth between our hunt area and our gear cache 4 times. We ended up taking two decent moose and had a really good time. Needless to say we had the whole place to ourselves and felt like there wasn't anybody around for hundreds of miles, although I know that wasn't the case.

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              Thanks a ton - I like your plan and I would do EXACTLY the same. I can backpack in with 20 pounds of gear for 5 days in the Rockies so I am prepared to travel light.

              I am I am reluctant to use a "new" service" so CG is retired, so I might wait a couple years until I here several reviews - over several years. Being a NR and totally relying on my transporter makes me nervous. A broken motor/boat issue will stop my hunt cold and turn it into a very expensive camping trip.


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