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    Wondering if many of you are finding that it's taking an extremely long time now to get packages delivered after ordering? Some to the point that it's like they're lost. When you look at tracking, it just continually says "in transit." The same for many of you?

    Also, been waiting to get eyeglasses for a month now when it usually takes two weeks or less. Wife has been waiting for contacts for almost two months now.
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    Iíve ordered quite a few tools from various eBay sellers lately with normal delivery times via US Postal. Stuff from Amazon not shipped from a reseller is brutally slow. My suspicion is that itís only a matter of time before Amazon is delivering directly everywhere like they do in cities, bypassing the mail, UPS and FedEx. In Seattle often times an order placed in the morning shows up via the Amazon truck that afternoon. That is of course if they can get past the protesters.


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      I've been buying wheeler parts consistently over the last several months off ebay. Transit via USPS has been normal. About a week from the states to Eagle River. However, my wife has been complaining about how long Amazon orders take to ship in.


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