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Looks like I need batteries....

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  • Looks like I need batteries....

    Found out yesterday that my batteries were stolen off of my 96 fleetwood. I was running 2 12V Interstate RV/Deep cycle.

    My question is should I stick with the 12V or should I run 2 6V golf cart batteries?

    Money isn’t exactly flowing, so I wouldn’t be able to afford more than 2 batteries. I have no experience with 6V, so any advice/input would be great, thanks guys (and gals)!

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    Myself I'd stick with the Interstates. Great batteries. My battery box has a lock on it but I remove the batteries each fall and put them in a plastic tub in the house. They are on a trickle charger right now being readied for the season.

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      Do you know the size (24) / (27) of the old batteries? If not measure the battery box and put in the largest 12 V ones that will fit. I don’t think you have room for 4-6 V batteries. Your insurance companty may cover the replacment cost.


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        I believe that you will get more reserve capacity with two 6v batts vs 2 12v batts. You can ask the guys where you buy your batteries, but that was something I was shown years ago. I run 2 6v in my mo d home and also ran with all 6v batts when I had my work truck for the coach. Not sure how they compare price wise. It sucks that you have to deal with this, dang thieves!


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          I am having issues with my older 6 volt batteries being weak. I too am planning on replacing my batteries soon. The rv place I go to told me that 6 volt batteries can be weaker in colder weather than the 12 volt batteries. Have any of you experienced this before?


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            The only batteries I have ever had freeze and split on me were 6V batteries in the RV. I wasn't particularly meticulous about keeping batteries charged, but the 12V battery for the engine never had an issue. The 6V batteries would have been fine if I had been using a battery tender back then.

            I guess my point is that if you go with 6V in series, be fastidious in keeping them topped off in the winter.


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              I still haven’t gotten replacements yet, but I plan on sticking with the 12v after much consideration. I don’t have room for 4 6v batteries, but if I did I would probably go that route.


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