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Wife says I need to buy a cab-over camper. Recommendations??

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    Can't speak for a cabover, but based on 3 trailers all with at least one slideout (one trailer with 4 slideouts!):

    - One will need to pay attention to the gaskets, etc where the slideout closes against the body to keep them clean and debris-free...if the slide-out is properly adjusted (i.e. closes all the way) and properly cleaned, it shouldn't be any more of a problem than windows, doors, etc for water infiltration
    - Interference when closed varies quite a bit by make: I'd suspect that one would find some degree of interference by a retracted slideout in a cabover. Key things to ensure are that (when closed) the slideout does not block access to the fridge or (ideally) sink. I always wanted good access to the toilet, but in a cabover that might be asking too much if it has slideouts.
    - Again, it may be different for cabovers, but on the trailers I had, it was no problem to extend the slides for a quick stop. One of the trailers had a big slideout and the manual said not to put weight in it if extended while on hitch...obviously not an issue with the cabover.
    - Any slides should be power extend / retract. I "saved" $450 once by going with a manual (imagine pumping a bottle jack) instead of power extending slide. One of the worst mistakes in my RV experience.


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      I have an 8 ft arctic fox. No problem accessing frig, toilet and sink when the slide out is in. Above post is correct regarding making sure it is completely pulled in when traveling or being stored. It has an electric motor so fairly simple to do. Only thing I would change would to go to the 8-1/2 or 9 ft model for the additional room at the dining table and in bathroom. Bath on the 8ft unit is tight, doable but tight. Reminds me of Chris Farley’s seen in Tommy Boy trying to use the toilet on the airplane! LOL

      i have been thinking of switching to a trailer or motor home so that my wife and I don’t have to climb steps to get into the camper and also climb steps to get into bed.


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        Originally posted by Float Pilot View Post
        I thought there used to be a camper dealer along side the spur hwy but I could not find it.
        There is, on the Spur in Soldotna right where that new big building is going up, but they've already stored the camp trailers for the winter. I think that new construction may end up being a dealership as they made part of the one that is there a tanning solon this summer, which left them with only a very small building.
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          The one thing about Artic Fox is that it had a welded aluminum frame. Mine is 3 years old and i have about 12k miles on it from hunting trips. Only issues were some loose plumbing connections. It's been down the Alcan and back, and completely across Canada.

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            this is what I use
            aluminum frame, foam insulation, double pane windows and heated tanks


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              Unlike almost everyone else, I did NOT opt for airbags and instead add two leaf springs to the rear. I have a 2015 F-250 and my last camper was about 3,500 loaded. Headlights aren't an issue. The truck IS 3.5" higher in the rear without the camper on and is a stiffer ride without the camper. I just don't trust rubber airbags and wanted peace of mind that steel doesn't crack, break or get penetrated over time and use.
              Today in AK, I'd want a camper with A/C, but they're harder to find.
              What did you end up buying? How was the trip?


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                Yeah I can log into the site again...
                I was 6 hours away from my flight down to the lesser 48 when I cancelled my plane ticket. I was planning on shopping around down there and then take my truck down in September. But the Commie Plague got in the way.
                One thing I have noticed with my F-350 with the topper, it that it fells kinda tippy in corners on rough roads. Like it wants to sway to the sides.. I am having a hard time falling in love with this truck. I really liked my old Dodge Cummings Diesel one-ton dually. That was nice and stable. Totally worthless on ice though...
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