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Driving motorhomes up from Indiana?

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  • Driving motorhomes up from Indiana?

    I had an old buddy who drove up motorhomes from Indiana to AK and I thought he got paid to do it (reached out to him, but have had no contact). Does anyone have experience with this? Who do I contact or how can I find out about this? I'm a teacher and looking for a cheap adventure this summer versus driving my F250 from AK to WA/ID.


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    Yup, years ago the RV rental companies used to pay folks a stipend and reimbursed expenses, fuel etc, to relocate RVs both directions.

    Not anymore. You now have to pay for the privilege and all the expenses.
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      You're correct sir. All I can find is $100/day Class A rental and I have to pay gas! Can't blame them for wanting to make a buck, but I don't think they do stipends like they used to.


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        When we moved up here, several trips, we traveled with a group that were moving RVs from the factory to ANC for a rental place. We only talked to them a little bit, but it seemed the rental place was covering expenses plus a plane ticket home?

        Edit: just asked the Wife and we can't remember the outfit's name. She remembers they had expenses covered as well. They were on a tight schedule.


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