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  • WalMart or Freddies Yet?

    So I have a March itch that only my camper will scratch. I have a medical appt in ANC on the 19th. I have other options to stay a night or two, but would prefer to do an early season dry night or two in town (no running water in or to camper; no electric).

    Are either WalMart or Freddie's seeing early season traffic yet? if not, are there other options for my March-coming-to-town fantasies? Should I just call either and beg my way in?

    CinANC (oh, my handle in this group goes back to a former life; I now reside and abide in Snowy-at-Last Homer)

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    I have seen a few RVs in the Dimond Walmart throughout this winter.
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      Golden Nugget is open all winter. They have showers and toilets.

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        Cabelas, go shopping!


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          One of my favorite Walmart RV parking stories took place last summer at the Kenai Walmart. I went there to buy a 14' circular pool for the grandkids.

          It was in the morning and I watched a guy pop out of his slide in camper. He was in sweats, hair all messed up and had a news paper under his arm and headed into Walmart. Not a very pretty sight............


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