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  • Trailer tires

    Is any one aware of away to get a break on the high price we pay for trailer tires in Alaska?

    I am looking for 10 ply load range E Radial 225x75xR15 tires for my 36' Raptor Toy Hauler.

    Costco quit selling them, Sam's Club and Amazon Prime have high shipping costs, virtually every where has high shipping costs to Alaska.

    Local retailers want over 30 to 40 percent more for the same tire then "out side" prices.

    Also, what make is a good trailer tire? I am not happy with the wear I got out of the Rubber Masters I put on the trailer in 2014. But, to be fair they have about 30,000 miles on them.

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    I went to American Tire on Old Seward when I had to replace the tires on my previous camper. I think that was around 2012. I can't remember the brand (it wasn't a big name brand) but I believe it was around $130 per tire installed which I thought was reasonable. Their website has 22 tires in your size but who knows how many in-stock. I think they had 3 in my size in-stock back in 2012.


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