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  • Travel Trailer Rental?

    I've looked at quite a few RV rentals in Anchorage. They offer RVs and Cab Over Campers. But I haven't found anyone who rents travel trailers. Why is this? Does anyone know of a placed that rents travel trailers?


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    Probably because your average guy can't hardly back up a truck with a camper on it let alone a 25-30ft trailer. They don't want the liability that comes with having nubes attempt it on Alaskan roads/camping areas. If you really want to rent one I'd say post an add on c list a couple weeks before you come up or post on here maybe someone private party will rent to ya. If you can confirm that you have experience with travel trailers.


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      Just a note.....if you have a travel trailer you can not rent it to anyone without having a legit rental company. There is some crazy Alaska Law that covers that.

      The other thing about Travel Trailers is it requires a vehicle to tow the trailer. Costs to get a truck (really need a 3/4 ton for anything much over a 25 footer and who wants just a stripped down truck to vacation with) and trailer combo far exceed the cost of a motorhome. There is a place or two that does the pickup camper route but rarely do you see them all out of the lot.

      Couple things I hate seeing in front of me going down the highway....Rental Moving trucks and rental Motorhomes. Many more times then not the drivers of these vehicles have never driven anything bigger then a mid sized SUV. That's the reason you are starting to see specialized drivers licenses for recreational vehicles in the lower 48...not to mention the size and weights have gotten a little to the large size.


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        The reason I am personally interested in rebating a travel trailer is because I am local and already have a vehicle capable of towing a travel trailer. My wife is more likely to go on over if by fishing trips with me if there is some place really comfy for her and our young children to sleep. I have a CDL and have many hours of trailer hauling under my belt. I realize thought that I am not your average RV rental client so I guess it makes sense that they wouldn't want to rent trailers. Bummer. I guess I'll just have to save up and buy one...


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          If your ever consider buying new take a look at lower 48 as an option. I saved $15k on best deal local with expenses I still came out $10k better then local purchase. Last thing is I got what I wanted and not what they had and their word was they could not get what I wanted. So that's what made me even start to consider lower 48 for purchase.


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