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where can we park it?

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  • where can we park it?

    New to camper-ing, not to Alaska. roud: We're planning a roadtrip/hunt, we've never taken a camper (tow behind). Can we pull over & park/camp anywhere? We don't really want to spend all of our time at r/v parks. When we were in Delta Junction area last fall, we saw campers in all sorts of pullouts. Is this ok? Or do we have to be in a 'designated' area? In particular wondering about DJMA camping.

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    That is one of the nice things about RV'ing in Alaska, is that there are an unlimited number of places to camp. Most gravel pits, wide spots on the shoulders and just about any place that you can get safely off the road way and out of traffic. For the most part, it is a matter of getting out and finding the places that suit your wants/needs!


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