Water Damage to Cab Over Sleeper!!!!



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  • Water Damage to Cab Over Sleeper!!!!

    Does anyone have any experience with dealing with a substantial amount of water damage to a cab over sleeper? The front window is leaking and has ruined the sub flooring and some of the wall. I have started tearing out the rotten wood and styrofoam and at a loss of what to do. I took it to an RV repair shop for advice and a quote. The $7,000 quote scared me into trying to repair it myself. No damage to the aluminum frame or fiberglass exterior.

    Any advice would be great.


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    They quoted 7 without opening it up. After getting in there if the water spread to an area not indicated before, that price goes up. And water spreading.... that's kinda what it does once it gets inside. You might know how long that waters been in there; like since you last slept in that bunk; if a long time do beware.


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      Do yourself a favor. Sell it cheap and start over. I've repaired a couple of them over the years. Better to cut your losses before you get deeper into it. Best to part it out on Craig's list most likely. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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        There are some good YouTube videos on this topic. I had minor water damage and it was not too hard to replace a few pieces of rotten plywood and reseal the windows with butyl tape.

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          Did you get more than one quote? My motorhome needed some work and one company quoted me $5500 and another came in under $2000. No water damage though on mine, just damage to the corner (got hit).



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            I would think that if you are pretty handy you can handle this, like Slayer suggested check out YouTube and see what is out there. The materials maybe a bit hard to find but then again there is Amazon prime to get it to you.
            Good Luck
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              Water Damage to Cab Over Sleeper!!!!

              I repaired mine. I used 3/4 inch plywood sandwiched between 1/4 inch subfloor and FRP for the exterior. I glued and nailed it all together and it is very solid. I also used the FRP for some of the interior to make the rounded edges.
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