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  • RV house batteries need changing

    I need to replace the house batteries in my motorhome, they're fairly old and just not holding much of a charge anymore.

    Currently, it has 2, 6-volt batteries wired in series...but I'm wondering (assuming, dare I say) that it might be better to go with 2, 12-volt deep cycle batteries wired parallel. I'm not worried about the weight of 1 versus 2 batteries, so will this give me more (longer) juice when unplugged? Is there a downside to going this route?
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    Short Answer..Yes...
    Stick with the two 6 Volt Battery set-up. Way too much to discuss about it in a forum post. Books have been written on it! Go with Golf Cart Deep Cycle Batteries for Replacement...Sam's Club has the best battery for the best price. Don't be tempted to buy a Marine Deep Cycle...not in the same class.
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      +1 what Akres said, I will just add to make sure to check your onboard charging system. Mine recently when out and it took me a while to figure it out.

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        If you only have space for 2 batteries, then nothing beats the 6-Volt set up you have. There is no way to get close to as much power using 2 12 volts.

        The 6 Volters, or Golf Carts (GC), are the same exact dimensions as a group 24 12 volt battery (standard 12 volt), except the GC's are about 2 inches higher. Most of the time, height is not an issue (especially if under steps), but length and width are.

        The two GC's will give you around 450 min res @ a 25 amp draw, meaning if you are pulling 25 amps (which is a lot), they will last 450 min before needing to be recharged.

        The two Group 24 12 volt deep cycle batteries will give you about 250-300 min reserve.

        Sure the GC's cost more, but **** near double the power and not having to charge your batteries as much is well worth it.


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          Ditto on what everyone said with 6 volt in series. I just replaced mine 2 weeks ago. I had Alaska Golds but they were 160 a peice at Batteries Specialist. I bought two batteries at Costco for 160 bucks. Best price I could find. If I get 3-4 years out of them, I'm money ahead IMO.


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            Sorry if this makes me seem dense. Why exactly are 2 6-volts better than 2-12 volts?


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              Originally posted by Aceed View Post
              Sorry if this makes me seem dense. Why exactly are 2 6-volts better than 2-12 volts?
              There is way more storage capacity in 2-6 volt batteries than 2-12 volt ones. You will be able to run your lights etc much longer on 6 volt batteries. Sadly I don't have room for 2 batteries so I am stuck using a single 12 volt one. Dosen't take long to drain it.
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                Instead of 12 small, 2.15v cells you get 6 large 2.15 v cells in the 6 volt battery. The larger plates and cells in the 6 volt battery equal more capacity and an all around better setup.
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