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Rv campgrounds not allowing camp fires alternative

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  • Rv campgrounds not allowing camp fires alternative

    I've been hitting Cabelas pretty hard the past few days getting ready to make a purchase when I come up on this. PROPANE FIRE RING BY CAMP CHEF. Its perfect for using in an RV park or campground that doesn't allow campfires but does allow a a propane BBQ grill or camp stove. Yeah, Its not the same as a real crackling campfire to put you into the relaxed trance, but the slight sound of a propane rush like a lantern along with dancing flames is the next best thing to a real campfire. Also, no wet wood to start or wood to scrounge or split, and you can still have smores and hotdogs on a stick. No more $5.00 a small bundle when you run out of wood and momma wants a fire NOW! LOL Went to the Camp Chef site, and alledgedly a 20 pound tank will last 18-20 hours. Thats about a buck an hour for a fire. Not too shabby. I can honestly say I've never seen one in use, but I will see it soon. I almost didn't post, as it seems a little hokey and lame, but what the hell. Its better than not having a fire. roud:

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    Let us know how you like it - I too was looking into that for same reason.


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      Well, I have not used it personally as I'm still at work, but my wife has used it all weekend on the back deck. She LOVES it!!!! She said whe was amazed on how much heat it put out and was peaceful to sit around in the evening. It came with two hotdog cookers also. Its 15" round, and came with a case to transport it. Yesterday, She did a little modification to it. She went to Lowes and they had one of those firepits that is much larger on sale, or so she says. LOL She's wanted one for some time, but I refused to have a real fire on the deck, no matter how well the pit was constructed. She put propane firering inside, drilled a hole thru the bottom to run the hose through it, and added a few more lava rock to fill it all in. Now she is happy. When we take the RV, we can just take the firering out, put it in the case and throw it in the motorhome.


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ID:	2479877Well, we took this camp fire ring with us to PWS on Memorial Day weekend for 4 days. Took along a 20 pound tank, an extra grate ring to put on top, some pots, pans and used it to warm up over, cook on both with pots and pans and hotdogs and marshmellows. While cooking, we kept the flames down, but to use it wide open, the flame gets about 10-12 inches high and puts out good heat. Used it alot every day and used a little over half the tank. Didn't have to scour the area for dry firewood, when momma wanted it on, it was instant. Didn't get all smokey smelling or have to skirt around the fire to prevent smoke from getting in your eyes, and best of all, there was no mess or ash pile left. Best investment I've made in quite some time. Now I want to make a bigger one just for the back deck.


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