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    Hi all

    I'm coming to Anchorage on 20th June 2022 and have hired an RV for 17 days. My questions are quite simple: How busy will the RV sites be and will it be necessary for me to pre book the sites before I travel or will I be able to book them one or two days ahead as I travel around?

    I would prefer to book only a couple of days ahead each time as this would give me more flexible travel.



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    It will depend entirely on where you want to camp, but yes, that's a busy time. If you want to spend a couple of days up at Denali, you definitely need to make reservations at for inside the park reservations. They fill up fast. If you want to stay in Seward for a couple of days, they also have an online reservation system in place now, but you can probably get away with just a couple of days' advance booking.


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      I agree with eyeonalaska, it depends. Definitely Denali National parks will be crowded. Chena Hot springs as well. Sometimes the size of the RV will be a limitation as the number of the larger sites that can accommodate the larger RVs are limited,
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        That's the craziest time of year here...highways, campgrounds, fishing holes and stores will be jam packed with people. Denali park and the Kenai are the craziest, but on the weekends it can be bumper to bumper just about anywhere. Go hang out on the Denali highway, it's about the only quiet spot...
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          Originally posted by cdubbin View Post
          Go hang out on the Denali highway, it's about the only quiet spot...
          Not to mention one of the most beautiful.
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            Originally posted by 4merguide View Post

            Not to mention one of the most beautiful.
            Except the RV rental places won't let you drive the Denali Highway.


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