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Alcan conditions in May

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  • Alcan conditions in May

    Men, I'll be driving up from MT to Skagway in early may. Could you all shed some light on driving conditions for me .

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    Conditions in early May could run from above freezing and dry roads, to heavy slush, to sub-zero snowpacked and icy with full-on winter.....and back again. Honestly. You should be fully prepared for all of the above.

    A couple handy sites:
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      We drive the Alcan every other year between April and May. Generally May is a good month to travel, however mother nature has a mind of her own and anything is possible. Anytime one travels this road system they need to be prepared for any type of weather/roads conditions. Keep the camera handy as May is also a good time to see a fair amount of wildlife.
      Safe travels!


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        Never drove it in May, but the frost heaves were still a big deal in April.
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          We drove a Uhaul and trailer up last year the last week in April. All roads were clear of snow and we only had a little bit of nonsticking sleet when we got to AK. Canada had already had several fires. We talked to a fireman and he said the year before (2015) there would have still been snow on the ground. The roads were in good shape for us ex. For 40km just as we left Canada. Very dusty and rough, construction zone?.


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            Roger that, thanks men


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