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  • Road/Trail out of Seldovia or Port Graham

    So according to Google maps there is a "road" that makes a loop between Seldovia and Port Graham Via Windy bay on the gulf coast. Does anyone have info in this route and its condition? Just wondering what the logistics of getting to Windy or Rocky Bay via this route would be? My assumption is that the road is less than well maintained but are we talking ATV only or would a 4x4 suffice, or even possibly a mountain bike. Also I see it is marked as a logging road, my thought is it may be over private or Port Graham Native corp land. Any info on this area would be much appreciated.
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    You can only get a little past Jakalov then the road is washed out. Actually that's a little misleading. Should have said that's where the washouts start. There's no way to get even an ATV out there.
    Might be a nice hike though.


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      I have heard it is washed out.
      Plus getting past the locked gate for the native land you pass through could be a problem.
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        Mountain bike from port graham can get permit from corporation some bridges washed out but logs have been fallen to cross streams

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          We biked from Jackalof dock in about June a few years ago. I heard there was a big wash out that prevented ATV's from getting by. On bike in early summer the trail wasn't bad, we did not encounter any gates, all the bridges are washed out. The first crossing was shallow but fast moving, the second was at a deep hole just above some rapids, that we decided not to cross.

          The trail was in better shape than expected, but that was probably because 4 wheelers were still getting that far, could be pretty overgrown by now. There is a native office in Seldovia I believe you can get info, but the old road is an easement so you don't need a permit unless you are camping out of easements. Here's the link to the Kenai Easement Atlas


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