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  • Truck Emergency/Survival Kit

    My family and I are driving from Tennessee to Anchorage next month and I am trying to build a good truck emergency/survival kit. I know we are driving up in August, but I want this kit to be sufficient to stay in the vehicle year-round. My thought is that I will throw the basics that I have up here and ask that you guys add what else you think I should have, then we will have a good reference list.

    Basics/what I have:
    Jumper Cables
    tow strap
    rope (large and small)
    water purification system and containers
    road flares

    Please reply with what other items you have in your kit or would recommend for others.

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    Full size spare tire, tire plug kit, mini air compressor. If you can find a second full size spare on the cheap i would take it too for your trip across the ALCAN. And a gas jug. I always keep one knife and a way to make a quick fire in all my vehicles as well.

    Blew 2 tires out on the ALCAN at the same time a number of years ago. The little town I came too sold me a tire, out of a gift shop of all places......for 300 bucks. But hey, he mounted and balanced it for me:shot:
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      Tools at a minimum I keep what I'll need to change out a fan belt. Which brings up spare fan belt. We were once stuck in a small Canadian town for 3 days because no one had a fan belt for a 93 Ford Tempo in stock.
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        Sounds like the Alcan is as rough a drive as it was when I lived there!


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          Made it up, only one flat on my trailer, but I felt prepared for anything


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            Good deal!
            The Second Amendment.......Know it, love it, support it.


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