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600yards Ft Rich Saturday

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  • 600yards Ft Rich Saturday

    There will be a Mid-Range match on Saturday, April 23 at the Ft.
    Richardson Pedneau Range. Sign up time will be 8AM to 8:30AM. This will be a 60 shot for record match with unlimited sighters. The match fee will be $20.00 for annual ARC members or $25.00 for one day members. Open
    chamber indicators will be required and will be available for $1 each.

    There will be 20 shots for record at 300, 500, and 600 yards all slow fire prone. For the mid-range prone category you must shoot off a sling but you can use a scope or "Any Sights". F class & F-TR use bipods.
    The Black Powder Cartridge shooters are invited too. All the disciplines have a mid-range format and this makes for a good multi-discipline match. Everyone is required to sign up in the parking lot adjacent to Pedneau. I have attached the Hold Harmless form that the Army is requiring everyone to sign. Please print one for yourself and bring it. You only have to sign it once for the year and the club keeps them.

    The Army has tightened the rules on bringing firearms onto the base.
    Because Pedneau is not on the main base, we do not have to worry about them. If you go through the main gate you must register all firearms.

    The Army range control has taken a firm stand on range rules. There will be no personal vehicles other than the emergency designated vehicle on the Range. So, either you have to carry your equipment or put it in the emergency vehicle.

    Hope to see you there!

    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club

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    Is it possible to get range time at Pedneau outside of the organized shoots?


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      You have to get a base facility use license from the Army and have an organised approved CMP club to comply with DOD regs. You wil need an qualified non shooting RSO and OIC, approved by the Army. You will need a dedicated RTO and Aircraft watch. You will need your own radio tuned to FM 3650. You will need to bring all of your own frames and targets. You need to schedule the KD range and be prepared to get bumped by training. You need to bpt to shut down when clouds get to 4000 M, the top of the mountains for 5.56/30 cal use. Probably ten more things I overlooked. Make it through that then you can do what you want at the range.

      Come out and shoot with the club. You get 30 minutes on each line on pulled targets, unlimited sighters, 20 rds for record.
      You have to pull targets and score for the other shooters. All are welcome.


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        no thanks..........

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