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  • Well it's a shooter....

    I bought my daughter a Remington SPS youth 7mm-08 a couple months ago for a smokin' price at Sportsman's. We burned up a couple boxes of factory ammo getting her used to it, ending up ditching the junk scope that came with it (put it on a .22 we have), adding a Vortex 3x9 and Talley low rings to get her head in proper positition. We worked on learning how to reload and she cranked out 40 rounds of lower powered loads using a couple different types of powder. She's been so busy with other activities we never made it out to test it. I got some time off today, but she didn't. I ended up testing without her, but the results were amazing. A load of 39.2 grains of IMR4064 and a Nosler ballistic tip 120 resulted in 3 five shot groups averaging .8 inches at 100 yards. I had three 3 shot groups that measured under 1/2 inch at the beginning of the first three five shot strings. I also tested two other loads using 120 grain speers and they both went under 1 1/2" for a couple five shot groups each.

    I'd heard less than positive things about these little SPS's as far as accuracy. Well this one sure is accurate considering it hasn't been bedded, no trigger work, and loads made up of 20 year old powder and primers. Brass wasn't sorted and they were constructed by an 11 year old. Makes me glad I passed on the Savage I was looking at since all Savage does to make a youth length of pull rifle is to remove the recoil pad (?) the Rem with recoil pad fits her way better.
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