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  • CZ 527 American .223

    I'm a big CZ/BRNO fan, mostly 452's in 22LR and one in .17M2 and a 550 in 6.5x55. I'm on the very edge of buying a 527 in .223 and I've read a few issues about feeding problems. Can I get some feedback from those who own a 527 and see what they like and dislike?

    Thanks folks!!
    Somewhere along the way I have lost the ability to act politically correct. If you should find it, please feel free to keep it.

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    Lowrider, I had one for a while and took it on a prairie dog shoot in South Dakota. I never had an issue one with it and gave it a real work out. It was a real shooter with 55 grain bullets but didn't like the lighter ones as well. However everything I shot through it went under an inch when the cross hairs weren't jumping with my heartbeat(not the guns fault).


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      I have a 527 American in 22-Hornet same action. As for feed issues I have none with loading to the Hornets 1.723 OCL. I mainly with the old hornet use a single shot carrier for cases load out to where my gun likes them. Its a clover leaf shooter .250 -.500" is not hard with loads made just for it. This is at 100 Yards I have not shot out to 200 Yards yet. I love the single set trigger too.

      James Calhoon has the lowest rings that fit the 527, Modified bolts and the single shot carriers 222/223 too. Mine wears a VXII 3-9x33 EFR and Leupold has very small rear objective bells but I did get the lower rings and modifited bolt handle too.

      The new 527 with the flush 3 shot magazine and new style trigger guard is nice looking I want a 222rem and in stainless but the ss is just a dream for now. The black and green camo looks good but I would need to spray some white paint on it for winter. Some thing I won't do to my Blue and walnut 527.


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        Thanks for the info guys. I just bought the 527 and I look forward to getting it on the range.

        The hornet is a great caliber and I did give it some thought but wanted something with 300 yd capability so I went with the .223. I shoot the 35 grain with Lil gun and they work great on deer with head shots for culling and damage permits....mostly under 40 yds.

        I'm putting a Bushnell 3200 5-15x on the 527 which should work pretty well and there will be no coating on my walnut and blue either except for Duracoat clear on the metal....sure makes it easy to handle the gun and not worry about rust.

        Thanks again.
        Somewhere along the way I have lost the ability to act politically correct. If you should find it, please feel free to keep it.


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