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  • Rifle Scope Question

    Not sure if this should be asked in this section or the optics but since this one seems to get read more often I'll try here...My question is; I recently removed my 4X scope from one rifle and was wondering before remounting it on another rifle if there is a process to "re-center" the cross-hairs. I remember years ago when I had the scope originally mounted the person who bore-sighted it for me said the scope had to be cranked hard to one side and he almost had to shim it. This makes me think that if a scope can be re-centered mine would probably need it. Thanks.

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    One can, with the scope off of the gun, crank the elevation and windage to one side, count the turns or clicks to the other side and come back half way.
    That should give you a mechanical zero on the scope.

    Tyipically, the problem you noted is a function of the base, rings, rcvr holes, barrell threads etc alignment

    Centering the scope before mounting is good to do, as it gives one a starting point for the bore sight process.
    Some scope mounting systems have windage adjustments, and shimming can be used.

    hope that helps


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      I have swapped my scope back and forth on two rifles several times. I use rail mounts so that makes it easy, just loosen windage screws and leave rings fixed to scope. There is a huge difference in POA/POI between the two mounts. If I remember the click differences, I can get it real close each time remount. Otherwise I have to just bore sight it in and re-zero.

      Bottomline, anytime you mount a scope, your going to have to adjust the reticles to that mount by bore sighting or whatever method you use. It won't necessarily be centered in your scopes windage (or elevation) travel unless you happen to know it was from before.
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        Do yerself a favor & get a Leupold Zero Point boresiter...


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          Thanks for all who responded. All were good advise.


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