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scope for 257 wby

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  • scope for 257 wby

    I've been wanting a light weight mountain gun for some time. Options are limited for us wrong handers. I think I've just about got myself talked into the weatherby mark v ultra lightweight in 257 wby mag.

    I've looked at some of the leupold lightweight scopes, any others out there that would be a good match for this gun?
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    Having owned a Leupy UL scope I would have to say go with the standard VX-II in 2-7 over the UL scopes. 257 is a SWEET flat shooting round so you might opt for more maginifaction than just 7X but thats your call of course. I am rocking 2-7 and 2-8s on almost all my rifles these days.


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      Talley lightweight low rings and Leopold VX-3 (like 12 oz) 3.5-10x40 will leave you happy and both under a pound.


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        On my 257 WBY I have the same ring/scope set-up as Matt describes, and I am very happy with it. You will definately want more magnification than 7x or 8x for this fine cartridge. Shooting a 100grn bullet that leaves the muzzle at 3600fps, you can reach out pretty far and effectively put down game.


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          I have yet to find a better scope and one-piece ring and base setup on the market right now, and I've tried a bunch over the years.

          A pic that shows the scope and rings on a 257 Wby:

          Also got the same on another 257 Wby, but stainless Vanguard model.


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