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    Ok fellas, i just got to JBER a week ago and need a reliable and trustworthy FFL guy to have my hunting guns shipped up here to. I left them in KS with a friend who has an FFL and agreed to ship them up hear to me but because it's across state line it has to go from FFL holder to FFl holder. please let me know if there is someone you would or wouldn't recomend. Feel free to PM me or Email me . thanks!!

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    Steve at Alaska Custom Firearms

    He is located on old seward near dimond.



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      If they are long guns he should be able to send them to you via the USPS. Call the post office and ask. A lot cheeper then paying a FFL for guns you already own.

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        Yep. It is legal to ship your long guns to yourself. Look into it at the ATF website. Its right there in Black and white.


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          I concur you do not have to go throu a FFL to FFL to ship long guns. I have done it several times, you cannot do the same with hand guns.
          you can go to the web site for USPS and it will explain the deal to you. Do not go to a postal worker to get guidance on this because most of them do not know what the rule is.
          Mainly box it up without ammo and mail it to yourself, do not put anything on the outside of the box that states it is a firearm.
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            Just make sure from and to are the same name. Its true you can ship your guns to yourself but in your case now someone else is shipping your guns. Haveing a receipt for each gun may be some defence in court if the deal went bad.Someone other than yourself shipping guns to yourself is about the same as buying a gun from someone and saying its my gun and I can ship guns to myself proxy someone else and it don't fly by law.
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              Yes you can mail long guns from/to yourself but since you’re up here as Will says you would be doing it “by proxy” and so a gray area . . . I’d do it but I won’t tell you to do it because there could be some legal risk there.

              For FFLs go here and pull up the list for Alaska FFLs, there are many for $10 and some are free for active duty military.

              Also the BX @ JBER sells guns and ammo so they may be able to receive your guns for you, I have never heard one way or the other on that.
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                Go see Steve at Alaska Tactical who is just off base on Muldoon. He's on the west side of the street just before Ace hardware. I've done several transfers with him without a hitch!


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                  As you are no longer shipping them to yourself, because they are in posession of an FFL holder, they will have to be shipped to an FFL. I don't know any FFL holder who wants to get their FFL yanked by ATF because of something like this.
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