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    Well my dad left AK and moved down to Alabama some years back. When he rolled out he gave me every gun he had and hasn't owned one since. Ironic I don't carry a single one of the ones he gave me and figure I will just save them for when/if he comes to visit. Recently my mom got a hold of me and said that she wanted the old man to get back into hunting and shooting. (code no doubt for she wants him out of the house for at least hours and preferably days at a time )

    So after talking with her and thinking about what there is to hunt down there I figure a Pump shotgun that will take full length magnum shells and perhaps with slug barrel that can be swapped on. Anyway I am not a shotgunner, but there are plenty here no doubt so I am very open to input on what to get him. I figure deer to 100 yards or so, hog, turkey, upland birds, and maybe a duck or two. Is there a "one gun does it all"?

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    870 express did all i could ask for in missouri


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      Best chance is to probably get him bird and squirrel hunting to start.Many folks my age relize big shells ain't needed and a light gun is nice walking the fields on a relaxing morning. I would much prefer a good SxS or O/U in twenty guage to get me back out of the house.JMHO
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        Go get him a Benelli M2 and an accessory scoped slug barrel. A little spendy but worth it IMHO...

        Light weight for a 12ga and easy to shoot light 7/8oz loads through for upland game, or he can load up heavy 3" for waterfowl, turkeys and even coyotes with a full choke to some amazing distances. 12ga slugs will do for deer and hogs in the brush although they've never been a particular favorite of mine- a lot of folks down there use them every year.
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          The Remington 870 express is a good choice as goldminer said and there is a scoped slug barrel available for the 870 also. Probably for less than $600 he can get the gun and the scoped barrel.

          Scoped barrel-places to buy if needed.


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            I have and have had several 870's and 1100's and 1187s and and and ...
            Here is my take..
            I found for shooting heavy loads and slugs I like the semi autos to help absorb some recoil and if you are not used to a pump its pretty easy to jam a following shot. Plus, if you happen to miss a deer with first shot and many times they do not know where the first shot came from they will certainly pick you out as you cycle a second round in a pump. I would also avoid 3.5in shells in a gun choice but if you decide that's what you want then I would def not get a 3.5in pump gun. I have a bad shoulder and its a real pain for me to work a pump gun anymore and I grew up with an 870.
            Yes its a little more money for the auto but you get it back generally in resale value and its easy to trick it out with a slug barrel.
            An over under is nice and I do enjoy hunting with mine but they are not rec to shoot slugs through so that would require another gun purchase.
            I set up a new 1187 20 ga with both slug and choked barrels for a co-worker last year that retired and it was very nice - shot slugs great and recoil was manageable...
            Maybe trade in something Pops gave you and upgrade your purchase???
            Good Luck!
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              Amigo, I hear what you are saying but the old man purchased three and a half acres of old pecan orchard just to watch the squirrels play together, the only thing I could get him to hunt tree rats with would be a camera! (I on the other hand would love an O/U or SxS!)

              GML and Marko, that looks to be just the ticket on the 870 with the additional scoped/rifled barrel. There is a Bass Pro near their home so I may just have to sneak mom out for a bit and get him one.

              Thanks all!


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                I know lots of older folks that have said I've killed enough game and now just enjoy watching,heck I only pull the trigger maybe one out of ten chances. Maybe a trail cam and good camera will get him out of the kitchen more
                Now left only to be a turd in the forrest and the circle will be complete.Use me as I have used you


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                  I have to agree with you guys on the 870. Mines a woodsmaster and had it a year now. I absolutely love the feel and the way it shoots. Easy to swap barrels too if you want to get extra barrel options for it.
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