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    Ok guys, I need some help. I just purchased a canon gun safe from Boondocks at the sportsman's show. It weighs 726 lbs empty. I want to put it in the walk in closet that is in our master bedroom. Will the floor joists be able to hold the weight? I can do some work n the floor if needed, but I want to avoid the extra cost in necessary. Any thought? Thanks in advance.

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    The joists will hold the weight. I had the same concern when I bought a safe, so the Liberty dealer showed me the 5 or 6 safes he had in his front room then brought me downstairs to the basement with its unfinished ceiling and showed me the floor joists. They had been through the '67 flood, they had cutouts for pipes to go through, and they just didn't look very strong. They were holding all of those safes though, so I stopped being concerned about the weight of the safe on my floor. Your biggest problem will be getting your heavy safe up the flight of stairs.


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      Originally posted by AkRay View Post
      Your biggest problem will be getting your heavy safe up the flight of stairs.
      I agree, 2 strong men and a safe will be around 1200 pounds plus the dolly.


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        You need to plan ahead for this kinda stuff! For a couple months prior to getting the safe you do favors for people you don't much like. Then when it comes time for you to ask that one favor in return they feel compelled to oblidge. You put these guys on the bottom side of the safe as your working it up the steps......this way you don't risk loosing any hunting buddies!


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          there are stair climbing safe moving contraptions that several of my "hunting buddies" have used to have their safes "installed" - ask the dealer you bought it from


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