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Winchester 70 - BACO ???

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  • Winchester 70 - BACO ???

    OK, I was in Gander Myn tonight buying my hunting /fishing license and I of course wondered around a spell. Now on a discount table there were some toys and one was a win 70 30-06 and it said Winchester BACO on the sale tag???
    Can anybody tell me what the word BACO represents????:shot:
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    Apparently they have changed their name to differentiate between the new products and the older ones.

    Winchester has returned to the original name given to the brand nearly 150 years ago by Oliver Winchester: Winchester Repeating Arms. The new-old name will apply to all Winchester-branded sporting firearms.

    In the mid-20th Century, the company name often was shortened to just "Winchester." In recent years, reference to Winchester firearms fell under the umbrella brand of Winchester Rifles and Shotguns. With the launch of the 2008 product line, including the new Model 70 and the new Speed Pump shotgun, the company is "returning to its roots."

    The Winchester brand is licensed to the makers of Winchester firearms by the Olin Corp. Winchester Repeating Arms and Winchester Ammunition are the anchor brands for the Winchester family of products. Winchester Repeating Arms conducts business under the corporate entity of BACO Inc., and is based in Morgan, Utah. Winchester Ammunition is based in East Alton, Ill.

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      Browning Arms Company


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        Thanks! Then it should be one of the new ones ....
        When asked what state I live in I say "The State of Confusion", better known as IL....


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