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    check out the T5 Japanese 7.7

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    Thatís some of the best pictures I have ever seen of one! Sure looks like they did a fine job with it and Iím glad they didnít see field use in numbers . . . I may not be here if they had! Only one I have seen in person is at the NRA museum. Wonder if they will get the $29,500 for it.
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      Collector's Firearms

      I'm not surprised that they would come up with something like that.

      I used to go in their story frequently when I lived in Houston and bought a number of guns from them over the years - they had a lot of interesting stuff over a broad price range although the place got a bit upscale when they moved to the other end of the strip mall in a more fancy store. I remember seeing a Colt factory toolroom protoype of the Colt Walker in there one time as well as a lot of other fancy stuff but they also had lot of stuff below a $100.

      Highly recommended as a stop for anyone ever in Houston. There are also a lot of good restaurants in the area on Richmond and Fondren.

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        These are good looking rifles and were made as arsenal test rifles. The reason very few exist is that most of them self destructed at the test facility when fired. The Japanese failed to copy a few of the major parts to proper specs.
        Ruger also made a test run of Stainless Steel MIA's called the XGM but these aren't found anywhere except in collections either.


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