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    Anyone have experience with the 356 Winchester round? I came into a model 94 Winchester 307 AE, and a 356 barrel. Looks like it could be a nice carry gun. Have a 1-4x Leupold for it. Our grizzlies arent as large as up north, but are rather prolific as of late. Been looking for a handy carry gun that takes glass easily, and really like the Winchesters.

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    same same as a 358 winchester just limited to 220gr round nose and down type bullets.


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      The factory loads have 250's, but I don't know where to get them as component bullets.


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        A 356 Winchester shooting a 220 grain Speer Flat Point @ 2300 fps delivers about 2600 ftlbs of muzzle energy vs a 454 Casull shooting a 300 grain JSP @ 1550 fps delivering 1700 ftlbs of energy!

        I'd say the 356 would be a dandy bear defense gun!


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          Originally posted by Malamute View Post
          The factory loads have 250's, but I don't know where to get them as component bullets.
          These would be usable. Not sure if they would expand at .356 velocity's though.


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            Here is what works for me:

            Win Brass(new)
            Speer 220gr FP
            IMR 4064, 45.0gr
            Fed 210 primer
            Afflicted by condition human


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              I think Hawk Bullets would make up some 250 grain bullets for you with more then one jacket thickness option.


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                220gr speer flat pt or cast 250gr flat point.
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                  Look no further than the Speer Hot Core 220gr for the 356win, 2350fps should be easy to reach in the 20" barreled 94.

                  DR MIKE has posted his grizzle taken with the speer FN. In a 35rem its auhsome on moose just think how mush better an extra 300fps will be.


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                    356 Win is a good cartridge, but I wouldnt tear into that 307 just for the sake of rebarreling it... The BB94 in 307 Winchester is a fairly rare animal in its own right, and actually has pretty good potential for most critters you are likely to encounter. With that said, I personaly wouldnt mess with that rifle, and would just enjoy it in its current chambering.

                    If you want a rifle for knocking down bears there are about a million posts on this forum to get you pointed in the right direction, but assuming that you like the feel and ballance of your BB94 I think I would try and find another one chambered either in 356 Winchester or 375 Winchester. Both should be more than enough punch for taking bears at ranges under 100 yards. After all, you cant have too many guns now can you!
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                      " ...After all, you cant have too many guns now can you! "

                      Good point, however I can't always afford all that I like. The only 356 I saw at the show was a couple hundred dollars or so more than the 307 was. They seem to run a bit more money from what I've heard. I've already located a new 356 barrel and have it and brass on the way. I can save the original parts.

                      I have other guns, was wanting a lighter carry gun than the 86 carbine or 71.

                      Anyone able to share results with the 356 on larger game?


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