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anybody shoot a remington model 600 in a .222?

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  • anybody shoot a remington model 600 in a .222?

    i aquired one a couple years ago and left it in the lower 48 with my dad. he's been shooting it and says its a nice little gun and groups pretty well with his handloads. Just wondering what your experiences are with this gun. I know they had a safety recall in the late 70's on some of them due to it fireing when it wasn't really desirable. Its a fairly ugly gun but might be fun to carry on a snowmachine since it only has an 18 1/2 inch barrel. any thoughs? likes, dislikes.

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    They are nice little rifles. I had one in 222 very briefly, got a steal on it and was contemplating having a 17 Mach IV built for a calling rifle. But, I found a good deal on another m4 and this one sat.

    I ended up selling it to a guy here who loves it.
    I really like the size and packability, very handy. I shot three boxes that came with the rifle, with that ammo it was shooting around 1.5" off the bench, so it had potential to clean up nicely.

    Oh yeah, don't worry about those random discharges, that's just a Remington thing. I have only herd about this with the M700s, have not herd anything about the 600s.


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      I bought one about 10 years ago and like it. I've only put remington factory 50 gr though it (4-5 boxes is all) but, when printing on paper it goes only 1/2" to an inch at 100 yards. Missed a nice blond coyote with it once. I could see the dirt flying up about 10 yards from it, missing poorly. Well I was stomping off to my truck heading to the range figuring I bumped my scope out of sorts when it dawned on me that I should pace off the range 'cause there was fresh snow on the ground. I had figured 250 yards, 'bout far as I could go with a near dead on luck, it was 330 yards, whoops. At least my scope was still on. Dislikes are the plastic trigger guard. After the first time I took the stock off to clean it, when I put it back together I could'nt open the bolt.....for some reason I can't tighten the front action screw too much before getting at the rear one or it puts stress on opening the bolt.


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        I had one for several years. I really liked that little rifle. It was perfect for a predator calling rifle. Mine was very accurate with several loads and I even worked up a complete range of reduced loads for it to duplicate 22lr, 22mag, and 22 hornet. The lighter loadinds are very quiet and have almost no muzzle blast. They make several good aftermarket metal trigger guards and they are definately needed. I had a leupold compact 3-9 on mine and found it to be about perfect. Overall just a great little rifle.


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