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Well the 45-70 is a shooter!

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  • Well the 45-70 is a shooter!

    About 2 weeks ago I got a Marlin 45-70 SBL. At first I thought it was going to be a lemon from what I read and how rough the action was. It came with a GS barrel on it which is incorrect for the model. I was going to send it in to get it replaced but marlin said they dont pay for shipping for warranty work coming from Alaska so I decided to keep it. After a tear down and some polishing with the dremel there were several burrs which was causing the rough action a couple hours of polishing and the action is nice and smooth now. I took her out today to get the scope sighted in and I must say I went out with the expectation or being disappointed just from what I have read about this model but it turned out to be just the opposite.

    ^ The rifle. It has a Redfield 2-7X on top with see through mounts so I can still use the ghost ring iron sights.

    It took 4 shots to get the scope zeroed at 50 yards and 2 more shots to get it on at 100. It was calm and 5 above at the range.

    ^^These shots were @ 100 yards with the scope. The left group is right at .50 the right one is at about 1.56 the wind picked up a bit on the second one but still that is good enough for me will defiantly fit in the kill zone of anything I am hunting.

    ^^ These two groups were @ 75 with the iron sights. The left group is just a hair over 2 inches and the right one is 1.78 inches which is surprising on the bear target because I didnt have a defiantly spot for point of aim I was guessing on the first one then based my next 2 shots off of the first hole.

    Overall I am very happy with the gun. I am not so happy with Marlin or their customer service but all turned out ok. With a dremel tool and some patience you can fix just about anything..

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    Very nice - what ammo were you shooting?
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      Hornady LEVERevolution 325 gr. I am looking forward to using this on the bait station this year.


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        Good to know information. I've wanted that 1895SBL for about 8 months. A few weeks ago I called Marlin and asked when the 1895SBL would be available and they said that they'd be starting a production run in March 2011 (-AKA- now). According the that Customer Service guy the 1895SBL is the hottest selling lever action they make...not just in the 45-70 line, but of all of their lever action rifles; I didn't know that. Well, I called my firearms dealer and placed an order 3 weeks ago just to make sure that I had my place in line to get the new rifle when it's available. Today my dealer called me and confirmed an "estimated" delivery date of 5 weeks from now. (Yeah!!!)

        It gives me an additional level of comfort to know that your rifle shoots well. I too hope to have a fairly accurate rifle that works well. Thanks for the info!



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          Where do you live MyTime? Sportsmans warehouse and both Fred Meyer have them in stock In Fairbanks right now In fact they are $100 off at Freds right now for $799. I know it can shoot better than that too this was off hand I was just trying to get the scope close for now I will go back with a rest on one of these upcoming warm afternoons and get it dead on.


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            Originally posted by Bsj425 View Post
            Where do you live MyTime?
            I'm stationed at Ft Campbell KY and I live in Clarksville TN. I joined AOD about 6 months ago when I was told my next assignment would be in AK. Things have changed since then and orders to AK are unlikely for my next assignment. (Bummer!)

            As for sighting in... yes, a good stable rest will tighten those groups up quite a bit. You should be grinning when you're done that day.

            As for the 1895SBL availability in my area...NONE! The 45-70 isn't a popular cartridge around here so the gun stores typically only special order them. There are very few new 45-70's around here and, as I learned, definitely no SBL's to be found.

            I'm going to send you a PM.



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              Thanks for sharing the first hand knowledge. I know how frustrated you must be with that assinine Marlin policy. I'm glad you were able to get past that, and have a little fun with the dremel. It's gonna be a shooter, so as long as she keeps shooting that good, I'd keep her around!
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                I do believe that Wild West Guns handles Marlin warranty concerns, saving time and money... at least in theory.


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                  Love the .45-70. I had one in a single-shot H&R Shikari about 12 years ago. It's kind of a weak action, but it shot well with its iron sights. I had a fun load worked up with it using 350 grain Hornady RN. Velocity, according to my old records, was 1355 fps using a minimum charge of Reloader 7. The H&R Shikari was kind of a weak action and I absolutely did not even try to load it hot. I never did shoot anything with it. I made the age old mistake of letting a friend shoot it and then he started making me offers on it. Pretty soon I saw the dollar signs and let it go. I still have the dies and need another one. Next one will probably be in either a TC Contender or Encore barrel, rifle, not pistol. I have nothing against the pistol barrels, I just want it in a rifle.



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