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Artic Kote vs Teflon coating

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  • Artic Kote vs Teflon coating

    Has anyone out there gotten their rifle either Artic koted or teflon coated? Just want to hear some opinions of which one you prefer and why. Am looking to get my 30.06 done, but am unsure which one to get done. One would be able to be done here in Fairbanks, and the other would have to be sent off.

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    "Arctic Cote" is brownells baking laquer. I would send my stuff out to have a professional job done. It may cost more, but if you choose the right folks and product, the results will be worth it.
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      I would take it to alaskan custom firearms and have the nitride finish. Its holds up a lot better than the teflon finishes I have seen.


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        I have a teflon-coated Model 70

        I have a teflon-coated Model 70 push-feed .270 Winchester that was done many years ago. The teflon shows some wear on the bolt and other moving parts, but it has held up extremely well and has done a great job of protecting the gun's metawork. It was done by a well-known smith whop's name now eludes my aging brain cells. That being said, I have always liked a good quality milspec parkerizing for my working guns, even though it is uglier than heck.


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          I had a rifle arctic coated a few years ago. I have used this rifle on several moose and bear hunts and the arctic coat has held up very well.


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            There are a couple of threads here within the last few months on this subject if you look back a ways, might be in the gunsmithing forum. That said, I just got a rifle back from BlackIce Coatings (you can google them) and they did a very good job. They completely disassemble the rifle and coat pretty much everything but the bore. My rifle was stainless to begin with and I just wanted a non-glare finish. The price I thought was reasonable $140, but shipping and insurance through USPS is high at about $100 bucks round trip. It took about 6 weeks to get it back. I cannot vouch for how well it will hold up, but time will tell. I figure on covering any scratches or scuffs if they occur with some matching black paint.

            Wild West Guns can get you hooked up with the premium nitride finish which is tough as nails, at least from my experience with a few handguns I own that wear it. The finish is similar with teflon being a little more grainy or rougher for lack of a better word. To my aging eyes, they both look pretty good, flat black. In the other posts on this subject, there are several folks who have had very good luck with the BlackIce teflon finish holding up to hard use. Good to have multiple options.


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              nitride or industrial hard chrome - but if the rifle is stainless why not just spray paint it ? when it gets rough take it off and paint it again


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                I Cerakote'd my commercial mauser myself. Cerakote is VERY tough. I have not had any scratches or signs of coming off after 4 years of normal use.

                I have a fair amount of experience with a spray gun doing car paint jobs and furniture finishing so I was comfortable doing it myself. The prep is the most important part, specifically the bead blasting. I used the bake-on type and cured it in an oven I canibalized and rebuilt to be able to hold barreled actions.

                I did another rifle with the KG Gunkote for a friend (he had already purchased the coating) and it did NOT hold up well. I will only use Cerakote in the future.


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                  If you are considering all local options, DuraCoat is also available locally. You can PM me if you want more information (I can't PM you because my membership is too new).
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