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  • Duracoat Question

    A friend wanted to duracoat a mauser rifle he had and was asking my question i don't know so I pass those along to those in the know...

    Is there much of a difference between the regular and the type designed for moving parts?

    What type of durability can be expected...if say a mauser claw extractor and all safety componets are "painted", will it wear or flake off with working of the bolt or safety?

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    Duracoat will wear off moving parts, however if it is preped properly and cured a full 30 days it is surprisingly tough. Duracoat is paint so it will wear with use, but it is still a great coating if properly applied. I have a Glock 22 I use for IDPA and it has about 18K rounds since I duracoated the slide. The inside of the slide where it rides on the rails lasted about 100 rounds, the outside going into and being draw from a kydex holster probably 2500 times and it is just now starting to wear off on the front of the slide where it rubs on the holster. Duracoat is pretty good stuff. Norrell's Moly Resin is also tough as is Cerokote, both requiring heat where Duracoat is air cure. The self lube duracoat is a bit slippery but not enough to get by without some lube.

    Good luck witht he project!!
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      I'll swear by Duracoat. I've done Glocks, AR's, 1911's, etc and haven't had any issues. Duracoat doesn't wear that easily. You can bake duracoat or let it air dry. The biggest thing is to make sure it dries completely before assembling your gun. It is still somewhat soft before it cures and it will come off easily. There is a new application process called "Shake 'N Spray" that duracoat has now. That should make the application process a lot easier.
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        If you believe Cerakote's advertising, they tested their coating and it is more than 10 times more wear resistant than their competitors (Duracoat and KG Gunkote). In my experience Cerakote is TOUGH stuff. I have a mauser that I coated myself and it has held up wonderfully. I did not coat the bolt, but I did do the raceways and they've held up well. I have not used Duracoat myself so I can't say for sure on it but I have tried the KG Gunkote and it was not nearly as tough as Cerakote. Once it scratched you could flake it off with your fingernail.


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          Note about the "shake 'n' spray". This is a simple kit designed for people who don't want to invest in an airbrush system for a single application of the DuraCoat finish. One of the key components is the Preval sprayer. You can get this disposable sprayer unit from Hi-Tech (in Anchorage or Fairbanks) for about $10. It might also be available at your local hardware store in the spray paint section. I saw what appears to be the same unit for $5.99 (sprayer and empty bottle) at Sentry Hardware in North Pole. If you have the DuraCoat already, but are trying to figure out how to apply...this might be an alternative.
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