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    has anyone played around with how they hold their rifle while shooting at the range? i see some people placing their non trigger hand back towards the butt of the rifle and others placing their hand up at the forearm area like you normally would hold the rifle in the field. does it matter? or would it change point of impact. it seems like when i am shooting my 338 from my lead sled rest and don't hold the front down, it will shoot high. has anyone tried both or what is your preferred method.

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    From my perspective shooting from the bench at the range is for testing the gun and loads so any position that works for you is fine AS LONG AS you use that position EACH TIME the same as the last - consistency is what makes tight groups and that counts from the loading bench to the shooting bench ( and be sure to adhere to the basic tenents of bench shooting, no touching the barrel yadda yadda)


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