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  • nittanytbone
    Door price was lower than the last one ($5 vs. $7). Lots of exhibitors and lots of people looking too--it was crowded!

    Prices seemed much more reasonable, at least what I was looking at. In the Fall, I saw a lot of folks trying to sell used guns in fair to good condition for more than a new one would cost. While some old guns be collectible and grow in value, a beat up stock 10/22, cheap HiPoint, or Remington 700 that's a decade old does not; those are just older, used guns. And given that the AWB has been over for a few years, I don't see that a "pre ban" AR should jack up the price tremendously (it isn't 2003). I think a lot of people want to get out of a gun what they have sunk into it, which is understandable but isn't the way the market works...

    This time prices seemed to be closer to what I'd expect to see. They started around blue book prices which means I'm guessing you could negotiate down to a decent deal. I guess maybe post-election hysteria is dying down and people aren't buying stuff in the thrash of hunting season. Lots of 303 enfields and 30-30s on display. Some real nice looking bolt guns too. I was tempted on a few things but nothing quite right. I did pick up a nice stock, and it was fun to look at everything. I do love the muzzle loading and mil surp displays--there are some beautiful historical items to gander at!

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  • Sir
    started a topic Gun show report

    Gun show report

    Well, it was very VERY busy. Just about standing room only. There was a pretty good turnout of folks selling a lot of nice guns. I got the one I wanted and so did the father-in-law. Pretty awesome day all in all. I saw some guys wanting almost retail new price for a used rifle and others who had great deals.

    How'd you guys make out and what did you think of the show?

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