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  • VXII 3x9x40 with the LR reticule

    I just upgraded my scope on my Winchester model 70 .270wsm and ended up getting a Leupold VXII 3x9x40 with the LR reticule. The directions with the scope recommend a 300 yard zero with a .270WSM 130 grain bullet. In the past Iíve always relied on a 200 yard zero. I donít hand load yet so I primarily shoot Federal premium Barnes Triple-shocks 130 grain.

    I havenít been to the range yet and Iím just wondering what everyone experiences are with this scope. Should I zero it at 200 or 300 yards? I will primarily use the rifle for sheep and black bear. No worries, I will shoot it a lot and get actual range drop etc before I take it out hunting. I prefer to keep hunting shots under 200 yards but I like to practice out to at least 400.

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    Well we've had nice weather lately, let's take it to the range tomorrow and find out what you perfer.


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      How goes it man... see ya sold your sled.

      Here's my take on the LR and similar reticles:

      Most times that you would use these ballistic holdover compensations involves a longer range shot than say >200+ yards.

      With this in mind, maybe therefore the strategies are that you have a little time to set-up the shot and you're not standing there offhand. Likely - you'll have the time to crank up the magnification and find a steady rest position for identification, verification, and placing your best shot. Just an opinion here... but set your particular scope's magnification on 9x for doping out your holdover point in your reticule. This is based on strategies above.

      The .270WSM with the loads you indicated is exceptionally flat. (Forget the holdover points for now) Whether you zero in for 100 or 200 yards using center cross-hair, to point of aim, and dead nuts on at point of impact... you'll not be off at any distance out to 300 by anything more than 8" (Pending shooter errors, wind, target moving, etc.)

      Use a target of graph-gid (make sure the up/down lines are dark and defined to see). With your scope's magnification set on 9x, A.) I'd zero in at 100 yards shooting a 3-5 shot group using center cross-hairs. B.) I'd look on the target while holding center through the scope and try to determine where the holdover points correspond to your darkened in up/down marks. D.) After allowing the barrel cool down, on same target (do not move it) place the first holdover point on initial aiming point (same that you 'had' originally centered your cross-hairs on) firing another 3-5 shot group. D.) Same process as (C) with the next holdover point.

      Here you should find some consistency to your scope, your gun, and load. Keeping everything same, I believe in shooting like this, you'll become better acquainted to any real-world value for the holdovers and how to best tune your set-up.


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