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    Anyone here have any experience with Hawk bullets? I am having a Browning 71 rechambered to 348 AI and have been looking at their 270 Gn 348 bullet. I was also looking at a 350 Gn .411 for my 405 WCF. Any info would help.


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    I have used them for several calibers. I've used the .411" with two different jacket thicknesses. .035" and .025" (for the 405 Win) and several other calibers. They are pure soft annealed copper jackets and pure lead. The expansion is robust but the jacket and lead stay together very well. They are great bullets for those moderate velocity cartridges such as the 348 and 405 Winnies.
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      I know someone that has 10 boxes of the Barnes originals in the 220 and 250 for the 348.


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        I use the heck out of them, just like I did the old original Barnes. Obviously I love them. But as Murphy sezz, they're at their best in the moderate velocity range. Expansion and weight retention are unbelievable. In a way they remind me of pure lead round balls from muzzleloaders, which expand almost flat and leave a wicked wound channel. Of course, elongate Hawk/Barnes bullets expand really well while penetrating deeper. All of them kind of redefine "wound channel" if you get the velocities too high, though.
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          I just got my new bullets in from Wyoming Bonded. During our telephone conversation the gentleman who is the owner/operator asked me how fast I was driving them and from what rifle and caliber. When I told him the Whelen at 2450fps he stated that I really shouldn't need them bonded. He said he would if I wanted him to but if I could live without the bonding he would make them just like a Hawk only with a much more rounded nose profile. He even went so far as to say that the fellow at Hawk is a friend of his and that was where he would get the jackets for my bullets.

          They showed up about 2 weeks ago and I'm itching to load some up to try out. 100 of the prettiest 250.8gr Rn bullets you ever seen, now if the bears will just hurry up and thaw out.


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            Thank for the info Guys I will give them a try!!!


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