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Win M70 300 turned into a 375 H&H

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  • Win M70 300 turned into a 375 H&H

    Took some of the advice I got from guys in my last post and started searching for different barrels. Was able to find a Win M70 375 H&H Safari express, so its coming. I will be taking this to Gary Junk at Arctic Gunworks to have the work done. Can anyone give me an idea of what I will be looking at as far as gunsmithing goes. This is a Win M70 XTR in 300 Win Mag being converted into a 375 H&H. I have been told that if the action will chamber a 375 H&H shell that I might not need any extra work other than having the barrell attached just trying to get an idea of what will need to be done before calling Gary tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

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    alaska cub, isnt the xtr a pushfeed winnie? not that there is anything wrong with that but your barrel will have the extractor slot cut into the barrel i think. not sure if this will pose a problem or not just something to ask about.


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      Uh oh

      Didn't think about that. Mine is a push feed and the barrell is off of a CRF. Does anyone know if it will make a difference?


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        Breech Face...

        My .300 Winchester M70 Classic with CRF is a cone breech, like the pre-64's, my push feeds M70's are flat breech.
        If the barrel you have coming doesn't match your rifle, it's just a mattter of some lathe time to face off the breech, move the shoulder ahead and recut the chamber. It'll be fine.
        The only other problem with the conversion has to do with your magazine, follower, and bolt stop. Maybe. A friend did this same conversion, but on a CRF action, and needed to swap out the .300 Win length ejector for one a bit shorter to accomodate the longer case, and it seems the magazine worked just fine as it was. You'll just have to see, and of course, the push feed action has the ejector in the bolt face, no need to change that out.


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