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  • 7x57R

    Anyone have experience with a 7x57R or have any insight on availability, performance, etc?
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    I loaded it a few years ago for a friend's drilling. His performed beauitifully with moderate loads rated in the 45,000 psi range, but got sticky on opening when I pumped the loads up to "modern" levels like I shoot in my 7x57 Ruger #1. Didn't do a chamber cast to check for roughness, but in that particular rifle I suspect it had more to do with the limited strength of the ejector spring.

    I seriously contemplated having a TC barrel made up in the round, but settled on a 7mm Waters instead.

    How do you plan to use it, or is this just curiosity?
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      I saw a BRNO double rifle on gunsamerica.com chambered in 7x57R for 800.00. It was a nice looking O/U without that tragic "cavern" barrel spacing modern "affordable" double rifles seem to possess. Choices of double rifles these days are works of art that no one in there right mind would field here in AK, antiques that no one would want to field and the eastern European imports that are flat out ugly looking contraptions. If the gun doesn't make me feel like it is saying "WOW! Look at ME" I just can't get into it. The 7x57 Mauser cartridges are an excellent deer and black bear round. Near as I can figure out, the 7x57R is similar to a 303 British in terms of the brass cartridge. The rim is designed especially for double rifles.
      God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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        7x57R, and other fine metric rimmed

        I think the 7x57R would be a great choice in the Encore, and I also think the pressure limits in that rifle would be close to the non-rimmed 7x57. Close enough anyway, and the performance would be far in excess of the 7mm Waters.

        I seriously considered this cartridge for a custom Encore barrel, but went with the 7x65R Brennekee instead. Brass and ammo is about equally available for either.

        I know that the cartridge offerings in the Encore are enormous, but I think a single shot should shoot a rimmed cartridge - period.....

        Ideal choices would be 225 Winchester 220 swift, 6.5x57R, 6.5x65R, 7x57R, 7x65R, 7.62x53R (.308 bullet - Finnish), 7.62x54R (.311 bullet - Russian), 303 British, 8x57R, 9.3x74R, etc. There are several obscure rimmed metric calibers too, but I limited my choices to those where brass and dies, etc are more readily available. The European metric rimmed items are very good, tried and true for many years. Why they are not standard offerings in rifles like the Encore, I can only speculate.



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          no help to you, but back in Jan. at a gunshow here, someone was walking around with the most gorgeous drilling in 20 ga./7X57R! I know what you mean about the "looky here" factor! Alas, I think he was asking $3600 or so for it. Oh well.



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            Drillings are just so cool, a double barrel shotgun with a rifle tucked up under the barrels, how can anyone not want one! If only someone could bulid them new for less than the cost of a real nice truck or a house in some cases I emailed Baikal in Russia that makes the IZH-94 O/U rifles and told them if they could find a way to close up that goofy grand canyon space between barrels or make a SxS rifle - they would sell to all who love the double rifle idea, but can't put the whole retirement account into just one gun. They said they sell a SxS double rifle in Canada in .30-06 called an MP 221. I have yet to see pictures of it.
            God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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              Here s a link to the MP 221 you referred too, I think it is the new SXS 30-06 remington is planning on releasing shortly.


              Here is an excerpt from the EAA corp website about this new project.

              1) Baikal:
              On November 6, 2004 we let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. All of the guns we had been importing from Baikal of Russia (IZH models), will now be sold under the Spartan by Remington name brand. We will continue to perform warranty work on the Baikal line. Spartan by Remington guns will be at a slightly higher price than similar EAA models, so buying an EAA model is a good investment since the price will only increase. If you are a dealer, stock up on all the EAA Baikal guns you can find and enjoy the profit. The change to Spartan by Remington was a positive change for the Baikal line and fully supported by EAA Corp. The Baikal plant in Russia will now be working with one of the oldest and largest names in the USA firearms business and we are proud to have had a part in this historic event.




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