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  • Marlin GG with scope..

    Hi all, I have a Marlin 1895GG in .45-70 that I really enjoy shooting. I've found a couple good loads that shoot very accurately and consistently, but produce pretty stout recoil. Beartooth 425 cast over 48 grains of H322, and 405 Kodiak 's also over 48 grains of H422. Im toying with the idea of scoping this rifle with some sort of scout scope setup. Is it realistic to be concerned about recoil damage to a scope here? I see Wild West advertises their mounts and scope systems and such, but does anyone have any experience with the scout setup? I currently use the XS ghost ring setup and really like it. Thanks for all input.

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    Guide Scout Rifle....

    ...or Scout Guide Rifle...

    I think I just answered this on another thread, by all means, do it. This is an ideal rifle to scout scope. The application with it will be close to about 150 yds anyway and the scout scope is perfect. The measley 45-70 won't destroy a Leupold Scout scope. Use the XS scout rail and Leupold QWR rings or Warne QD's, no cheap stuff. Very good loads you list there.
    Good shootin'.

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      guide gun

      I have been using mine with a scout mount with leupold 2.5x scout scope with heavy german post reticle for a few years now. Several hundred rounds downrange with no damage to anything so far. I shoot one load, starline brass and H322 powder for 1925fps with 405gr kodiak or remington JSP. Its probably the best setup I've ever had for a close range hunting rifle.


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        scout/guide setup..

        Thanks to both of you gentlemen. I guess I never need a really good excuse to spend money, so it might as well be on a new scope!

        Originally I was a little concerned about losing the "brushy" distinction I bought the rifle for in the first place. The ghost ring arrangement has served me well, and keeping heavy and slow bullets inside 100 yards seemed the perfect solution (nothing's taken more than 2 or 3 steps yet!). But since I acquired Wild West's .457 brass last summer, I'm able to send them out there just a little farther and faster, just to where Im seeing another side to the weapon. Probably not over 200 yards in any case, but just far enough where a little scope sure might come in handy.

        thanks again!


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          Thebear 78

          Nice looking rig!

          My guide gun with heavy loads beats the piss out of my bird flipping finger with the lever. Does the big loop help that any?


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            big loop

            The big loop makes a big difference in the pinched middle finger. I have really big hands and it makes it a lot more comfortable.


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              I've shot several scout scope equiped guide guns, and it's definately a neat set up. The leupolds and mounts will hold up to the recoil just fine.

              There are a few things you do need to know about the scout scope setup though. There is a very small field of view, so you have to shoot with both eyes open. Also, with the scope so far forward, if the sun is at your back, there can be enough glare to make the scope useless.
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                FNF, cannot say enough good about the convience of the foward mounted scope system. Still handles well in my opinion. Paul has a good point of the sun and the rear lense. I only shoot mine as mentioned with both eyes. Don't squelch on the rings. The XS rail is the way to go. I bought the Leupold FS 2x and think it neat reliable little scope. Easy to take off with QR levers in bad weather or ........
                I stopped buying WWG brass. Use a Lee Crimp die to adjust OAL without the use of the cannelure when using standard 45-70 brass. I shoot only BTB 425gr/460dia. with 52gr. of H322.
                Wonderful cartridge and not a measley round by any means-good luck & good shootin!


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                  scoped guide gun...

                  Thanks for all the responses. I just ordered a new Leupold FX-2 2.5 scout scope and some QD Warne rings. Already have the XS rail. Cant wait now.

                  I also use the Beartooth 425 WLNGC/.460 Diam with 48 grains of H322 with .45-70 brass. Awesome penetration! With the .457 brass I can get just over 2000 FPM with the Kodiak 405's and 52.5 grains of H322. A great hunting round.


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