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  • Slackin'

    Somehow Ruger snuck a 9.3 X 74R chambering into their lineup of the No. 1 Sporter and I just now found out! Neat. I know, not very practical unless you are in Europe where it's probably as popular as our '06, but it still seems like a nice fit for those of us who like the classics.

    Does anyone know if maybe Hornady will produce ammo for this caliber? I know that they like to collaborate on gun/cartridge projects with the likes of Ruger and Marlin.

    All they need now is a good .450 3 1/2" NE and we'll be good to go! Oh yea, they did have the .404 Jeffery for a short time in the No. 1 Tropical, didn't they? I suppose people are kinda picky about little issues like ammo availability! =^D


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    A 9.3!


    Great! Can I get on the list? I hope that's true and I hope hornady makes brass. I have dies and have loaded for this one a little. They did make the 404 Jeff at least a few of them. I saw one for sale on Guns America for $2200 in the 1-H (tropical), the seller said there were only 80 of them. The 405 Win is also a standard caliber in the 1-H and Hornady supports it with a 300 grain .411" bullet and good brass. It would be great to see a 9.3 X74. That's the first caliber I ever hunted with in Germany.

    I would have to differ with the next caliber of choice for the No. 1, it would have to be the 450-400 3" (The 400 Jeffery). Oh, heck why not the whole N.E. line-up. Now that would be cool. Some good shootin'.


    BTW Thanks for the kind word!
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