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  • S&W Performance Center action job

    I recently bought a 3" S&W Model 60 (J frame) and have been kicking around the idea of sending the gun to their Performance Center gunsmiths for an action job and possibly also to upgrade the sights. Their services and prices are posted on their website - I believe it's about $130 for the action job and an extra $20 for a 5-day turnaround on the work. Does anyone have any experience with Performance Center? Know of any aftermarket sights that would fit? Other recommendations or suggestions? I really don't have any experience with gunsmiths and wouldn't know where to take the gun locally or how much would be reasonable to pay for these services. Any and all information would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Precision Arms in Anchorage

    I can highly recommend Vince at Precision. He has done one handgun action and several rifle trigger jobs for me. Very fast service, fair prices, outstanding results. I don't know if he specializes in exactly what you want, but I'd sure stop by or call him before sending it off. Doubt you could go wrong with S&W Perf Center, but Vince might be an excellent option.


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      My 500 S&W is from the Performance Center and it by far a much better rig than the standard factory revolvers. The only thing that I have ever liked in a factory S&W over a Ruger is the smooth trigger pull of the Smith's.


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        I had a S&W 940. They did a great trigger job on it. Don't waste your money sights for a 3" J-frame. Just point and shoot.
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          new sights

          I put some Meprolite glow in the dark sights on my 3 inch 686. It was very easy and they work just fine. All you do is remove the insert in the frount sight and replace it with the new front sight that comes with the set. The rear sight replaces the factory sight. They work very well. Jim


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            Thanks to all for the info.


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              Check out this guy.


              Go under photos and look at the CCW Smith he builds. He will mill the front sight off and cut a dovetail so any sight such as a night sight can be installed. Heard nothing but good things about him.


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