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Converting a M70 300 WM into ?

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  • Converting a M70 300 WM into ?

    I have a Winchester M70 XTR (CRF) in 300 WM that I just dont use much anymore as I bought a Tikka T3 Lite in 300 WM that is lighter and shoots better than the Win. So I was thinking that if I turned it into another caliber she might be revived from the safe. What options do I have as far as rebarreling it, I am not very knowledgeable in the the project area so if someone could help me out I sure would like to revive the Winchester. I was thinking of something like a 338 or bigger, but dont know what it entails.Thanks in advance.

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    300 Wm->?

    Changing to a 338WM would only require a new barrel - simple gunsmithing job and shouldn't require any other changes such as magazine or feeding...will have a bit more recoil b/o heavier bullets.
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      You might want to look at the data for the 416 Taylor. It will only require a rebarrel, it almost duplicate the 416 REM. You make the cases by necking down 458 win brass, and fire forming.
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        338 Win, 358 Norma, 416 Taylor, 458 Win Mag, 375 H&H, 416 Rem Mag, 375/338 Chatfield-Taylor.


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          Sign me up for the 358 Norma. Not that it's "better" than anything else, but because it's more interesting to me. I've got lots of other 35's but was talked out of my 358 Norma a few years ago, and I miss it. The other choices are good too.
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            Before changing anything, check and look at what the M70 is selling for now that it is no longer being made. You might be able to sell it and buy a new rifle in the caliber you want, and still have a little money leftover.

            I am not debating the previous posts as they are giving you very good suggestions, just offering another choice.


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              This is some good info, i always wondered what it would take to convert a 300 win mag to a bigger caliber. Will the action of a 300 handle a 375 H&H with the proper barrel? I am no gunsmith so thats why I ask.


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                338 WM barrel

                Where is the best place to find a 338 WM barrel for it?


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                  AkCub, I would try E-bay or you might want to check out the Montana Rifle Company's website, you can buy barrels directly from them.


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                    Thanks AKHunter45

                    Just gave them a call and they have one for $180 plus shipping. Sure wish I could find one with Iron sights, will check ebay for a while and then decide. The gun is a family heirloom so I dont want to sell it , but would sure like to find a good use for it.


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                      E.R. Shaw will make any barrel you want, check out there site. They are pretty reasonable. If you have questions about something not listed, e-mail them, there service is very prompt. I have also heard good things about Douglas barrels, they are also reasonable.

                      I am not familiar with the XTR, but if your gun is blued, It will probably require a re-blue after install. Most barrel makers only ship chrome-molly barrels in the white. If its stainless, your good to go. I would leave it alone. .02


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                        Another place to check on a barrel is E R shaw I have had several wildcats over the years and have put ER Shaw barrels on them with great success.
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                          375 H&h

                          What would it take to rechamber and rebarrel it to a 375H&H?


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                            If it was me, I'd convert that model 70 into a 257 Weatherby Mag. That cartridge would be the cat's meow on sheep, caribou and black bears.


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                              From 300 Winnie to a bigger deal...


                              To go from a 300 winnie to any of the American belted mags (2.5") is no problem, whether to standard caliber or one of the many wildcats on that case. However the action may or may not handle the H&H length without modification to action or magazine. If you can load 375 H&H rounds into the magazine now, it will most likely feed them with a new barrel.

                              Also there are a lot of good barrel makers out there that specialize in barrels and rebarrelling. I would recommend that you send your barreled action to one of your choice and let them do the whole job. Which will be squareing and truing the action, bebarrelling and refinishing the whole gun. Many of these offer Stainless or chrome-moly and different finishes, also. If you have it done locally by a smith of your choice, I'd let him use his barrel supplier and get a turn-key job for a completed rifle and a guarantee of proper function. Just a couple thoughts that may save a little grief down the road. Good shootin'.


                              P.S. You might consider the 366 Alaskan. I think Pac-Nor has the reamer and barrels for that. I think at least one forum member has one.
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