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  • 9.3x64

    Murphy, I have not fired the gun yet as the smith is doing the last things to the finish for me. Needs to be water-proof in SE Ak. Going with Conetrol Mts.I don't know about the scope yet, got a couple of german scopes in the safe, bet I can find one that will work. I stay with the wood stock, hate plastic, but have to put a real good finish on it and a lot of wax. Did I say a real good finish and wax yet? Horneber makes the 9.3x64 as does RWS. I have 80 rounds of brass in my hand from RWS. Looks good to me although I did note it was a bit tight in the primer pocket with CCI standard primers, not enough to create a problem but a bit. Found it at Huntingtons.

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