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Berretta A-390 question

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  • Berretta A-390 question

    I took apart my shotgun today to put the plug back into it, but the screw to get into the chamber would not budge. Not only would it not budge but I broke part of it off. Anyone have any ideas on how to get that piece out so I can order a new one? Or do I need to bring it in to Anchorage when I come in in June to bring it to a gunsmith? And if that is the case, can anyone recommend a good gunsmith in Anchorage for me?

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    Beretta A-390 Help is on its way...

    (Quote) - "I took apart my shotgun today to put the plug back into it, but the screw to get into the chamber would not budge."

    I'll try to help ya out -

    Your description sounds a bit off... But - is it the screw-end-cap to the forend? This would be hard to break & should not be torqued on so tightly.

    What you may have is metal to metal oxidation or corrosion.

    Also - dirt and moisture will tend to stick gun parts together. Both accelerate oxidation or corrosion!

    If you have taken this part on and off before (particularly in the field)... you may have etched away some of the protective finish or failed to lubricate it properly (most people do!) thus creating a metallic lock of sorts.

    If you have not moved anything and the gun is shootable try 5-10 rounds then see if you can turn the part. You may also try a penetrating-lubricating, multifunctioning oil.

    For the future... cleaning & lubricating with corrosion resisting products will help keep this stuff from happening again.

    Good luck -

    Brian Richardson


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      Thanks Brian, I did a poor job of explaining it, but that is what I was talking about. You know how on the end of that shaft there is a notch for a flathead screwdriver? That is what stripped out. Anyone recommend a good gunsmith who can fix the problem in Anchorage?


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        Use a piece of rubber or leather and wrap it around the side of the cap. Use a pair of pliers - channel locks work best - and just unscrew the cap. I have to admit I have had to do this before. It works.


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          fisherman, my AL 390 is attended to all the time being gas-operated. You being exposed to the salty enviro. moreso. Very fine shotgun. I have been using BreakFree CLP for yrs. on my firearms-just a helpful hint.


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            got it

            It was my fault I forgot about a little pin I have to push in when trying to unscrew it. I got it working now. I ripped it all the way down and cleaned a ton of junk and gunk out of it. THe only thing I still can not figure out how to take apart is the metal rod that goes into the stock of the gun, where the spring is that slams the chamber closed. If anyone knows exactly how to take that apart, let me know, if not, thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it.


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              you have to take the recoil pad off and look up in there and you will see the most obvious. I changed that part to the stainless version 2 or 3 yrs back from Cabelas. You will get it and.... have fun.



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