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    Just wondering what everyone thinks about Smith and Wesson getting into the shotgun market.

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    It will be interesting to see what they come up with, and at what price point. They were actually into shotguns briefly back in the 70's, turning out a pump that hit the same price point and general quality of the Win Mod 1200 as I recall. Nothing outstanding, but they sold for a couple or three years. Reaching back pretty far, so the details are fuzzy.
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      Back during my Navy days, (70s and early 80s) I had a Smith and Wesson model 916 shotgun. In the riot gun configuation. Nothing fantastic. The firing pin broke soon after buying it. I made another much more robust pin by turning down a big punch pin.
      The Remington 870 is twice the shotgun. Well at least 1.5....
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        They also had a Model 1000 Semi-Auto back in the 70's and 80's. Alloy frame was junk.


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          The pictures look suspiciously like a Huglu/CZ. Not that the Huglu is a bad gun, but I hate it when companies import a gun, slap their logo on it and call it their own. I hope I'm wrong....


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            nope the Huglu imported by S&W is the word I heard....


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