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.307 Winchester questions

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  • .307 Winchester questions

    Can anyone lend some experience regarding this cartridge?

    Looking for:

    a) Personal feed back in regards to its, performance in the field and on
    the range.

    b) availability of factory ammo and brass

    c) availability of dies for same.

    d) speculation / conjecture as to future - is it obsolete now?
    soon to be? - or "dead as a Do Do - forget it, not worth pursuing.

    Murphy, et all.........looking for some feed back.

    Thanks, JWB

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    I've never personally used it, but I can give you some info. The .307 is the rimmed version of the .308 Win so it will perform on par with the .308. However, the only ammo for it that I've seen in Anchorage is Winchester SuperX stuff with a round-nose bullet. This is so it can be used in lever action rifles with tubular magazines. Anyway, it won't be as ballistically efficient as a result. Yeah, I'd say it's pretty much an obsolete round. It was only chambered for a few years in the Winchester 94.


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      307 Brass & Loads...


      The 307 and 356 Win are 30-30 rims on a 308/358 case body. It is easy to make one from the other. I have used the 307/356 brass for custom contender barreled calibers, the 338, 358, and 375, I like the case better than the 30-30 or the 444 based wildcats. It is a very strong case and makes a great wildcatting platform. The performance of the caliber is only slightly behind the 308 in and is made for the new angle eject M94. Also defunct. I made a series of them in a shortened case similar to the 30 Herrett, in 30,33,35,375, and 410 calibers. The strongest case I've ever worked with for this purpose.

      It is all but obsolete, both are. Graf & Sons shows Winchester brass for the 307 & 356 in their catalog but they show 38-55 also but they have none. I did buy some 356 brass just a few weeks ago from them. I need 38-55 brass and the only headstamp in that caliber is Winchester and I don't think they will ever make it again. Olin will or has stopped manufacture of all Winchester brass.

      Dies are available for both, and I loaded some 356 for a fellow a while back. I would say it is not practical due to the limited availability of brass and the bleak out look for it. In a light lever or single pistol it is a good caliber. It of course would have no advantage over a 308 in a bolt gun, but if a guy had one he could make it work. Good luck.
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        The 307 Winchester is the one I haven't had yet. I have a Marlin 336 in 375 Winchester and a almost New Winchester 94 AE in 356. The 307 just keeps evading me.


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