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  • Chapuis Double Rifles

    I am considering ordering one of these in 9.3x74. Does anyone here own one? Feedback is highly appreciated.

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    I don't own one but a hunting partner does. It is chambered in 9.3X74. He had them also make the loads that he would be using. His is shooting the 250 grain Barnes X at just over 2400 FPS. I don't remember at what distance it was regulated for but I believe it was 100 yards.


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      Thanks. How does he like the rifle? Design? Functioning, etc?


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        The only problem he had that I am aware of was with the LPI checkering that they did. He sent them his own walnut blanks for the stock and he wasn't very pleased with the checkering. Other than that he is quite happy with the fit and function of the rifle. He would have liked to have gotten 25" barrels but it appears that nobody makes doubles with barrels longer than 24" anymore.


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          "Shopwee" Double


          The Chapuis doubles are very solid and strong actions. I've seen and fired several of them in 9.3x74R, and 470 N.E., they are likely the best buy in a new double.

 in Enid Oklahoma carries them and you should call and talk to George about them before you buy one. He has very good prices also. I'm hoping to get a 470 someday, I want a 500 3" but don't think they're going to make them anymore.

          I see the 9.3's on GunsAmerica from time to time.

          I really like you work, do you market those images?
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            Thanks for the lead on purchasing one but there is a fellow over at
            who is doing a group purchase soon. Prices quoted to me for the Chapuis UGEX (which is there most basic model) was only $4,250 built to my specs with delivery in 6 months. Add $150 for a left handed stock. The 9.3 is the largest caliber avaliable in this model and that is what I am leaning towards if I purchase one. It's still a lot of money for me and the gun fund would be totally depleted if I decide to purchase one.
            Thanks for the comments about my work. Yes I market them. It is my only profession.


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              9.3 double rifle

              The 9.3 x 74 has gotten a new lease on life with the Ruger No.1 and, more importantly, Hornady reloading the 9.3. Plenty of loads written about it. I just have a Valmet 412 in 9.3, since I got a Merkel .470 NE. some time ago.

              The first shoe has dropped for the .450/400 as Hornady is producing that round also. While I understand that a No. 1 H is in the works, I can't see that being enough to warrant Hornday to tool up and do research loading just for that one Ruger and talk of regulation. However, with that access to new ammo, a 450/400 double has renewed value and is a killer on any continent.

              Is Ruger going to build a 450/400 double? There was talk in the past, before the 416 heavy rifle came out. Weatherby also thought about it. The 450/400 will kill everything that a 470 will at easier recoil to the shoulder and pocketbook.


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                I am REAALLLYYY looking forward to ruger putting this 9.3x74 into production. I hope we don't have long to wait.


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